EQOL2024 Programme

Plenary Lectures

Kostas Alexandris

Subjective Wellbeing and the Promotion of Exercise Participation

Olga Polyakova

Healthy esports – double oxymoron?

Saša Pišot

Understanding the ski easy unified teaching model tools. How and why is easy?

Nachiappan Chockalingam

Bridging the Gap: Translating Biomechanics Research from Lab to Field for Practical Impact and Collaborative Innovation

Aleksandra Milovančev

Sports Cardiology

Aleksander Veraksa

Physical fitness and executive function development among children in a digital world

Ivana Milovanović

Beyond the Ring: Understanding Self-Declared Prohibited Substance Use in Combat Sports: A Serbian Perspective

Andrea Uccello

FISU’s endeavour for a brighter, healthier future: Sport events & much more

Pongrác Ács

A complex, health-economic and public health study of the effects of physical activity

Fatma Neşe Şahin

From the podium to the hospital; female athlete triad

Attilio N. Carraro

Sports & Environment

Stevo Popović

Exceptional body height of people from the Dinaric Alps

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